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Why People are Shying Away from iPhone

Posted by Admin July - 5 - 2012 - Thursday

Smartphone users are now shifting from being iPhone users in favor of smarter phones that come at a smarter price. With other smartphones, they are beginning to enjoy once again their mobile experience. While iPhone offers so many apps for just about anything, you will never get to know the Android phone until you use one, and that is when you will see how far you can push your mobile experience.

Android vs iPhone Comparison Why People are Shying Away from iPhone

iPhone may be fast and reliable, but is it flexible and stable? iPhone still works using 3G where so many smartphones are now using 4G for 10x faster downloading. You can argue that iPhone and other smartphones today have the same memory storage and rear camera capability, but the latter lost when it comes to pricing, so why pay more for the same features.

Using an Android phone has so many advantages including better quality front-facing camera for video chat, larger screen sizes to watch movies and more, and you can share your connection with more devices on personal hotspot. It also allows you to view all web content, contains higher processors for higher productivity, available up to 21.5 hours with simple to replace battery, and you can get the size phone you want.

These advantages make Android phones so popular with mobile users, to think that these are just the tip of the iceberg.

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