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Top 6 Mobile Apps That Can Make a Big Difference

Posted by Admin November - 24 - 2012 - Saturday

The new iPhone5 is lighter, thinner, and more powerful than its predecessors. It has tempted millions of buyers, not just businessmen, but buyers from all classes. The entrance of the iPhone has also provoked a flurry of new apps that are optimized to proper use ofits bigger screen.

Some of the latest iPhone apps can greatly help the parents to hone their parenting skills, and become smarter parents.

  • iHomeopathy

It is a superb guide for treating all kinds of common illnesses, first-aid emergencies, and childhood ailments at your fingertips. Using this handy app, parents can quickly track down the common symptoms of any allergies, and take care of their kids very efficiently.

It also assists parents in prescribing medications in case of any emergencies.

 Top 6 Mobile Apps That Can Make a Big Difference

  • Shop Savvy

Whether you’re shopping for household products, groceries, Christmas or New Year giftsand toys for children, you get the best deals seamlessly with this cool app. Bargain shoppers can use this app to compare the price of products at different stores near their location. You can scan the barcode of any product using iPhone’s camera to find its prices, both at local stores as well as on the web.

With over 22million items in its system, Shop Savvy covers beyond just school offerings. You can add those to your wish list and buy right away or later. You’ll get the alerts on phone when a product hits certain price mark or when it goes on sale. For comparison shopping and bargain hunting, it is a must-have iPhone app. You can view promotions, coupon codes, contests, sales, and special offers. It is available for free for iPad and iPhone on iTunes.

  • Mindfulness Meditation

All parents, especially mothers need some quality time with themselves forclarity and freshness to increase their patience level to deal with mischiefs of their kid(s); this app is extraordinary and has a captivating voice, which guides you throughout the meditation process. First it guides you to pay attention to your breath and then focus on other senses. You can practice it for either 5 min or half an hour. Instead of going in search of a meditation teacher, this mindfulness app is the best guide that gives complete instructions, from holding your breath to other range of experiences.

  • BabyBrain: Your Baby Log

This cool app holds unlimited data for your baby’s activities. Parents can login all the info such as time of feeding the baby, how long the baby slept, and the medicines for managing multiple babies too.

  • Bank of Mom

Bank of Mom allows you to set-up separate bank accounts for all your kids, and allows them to deposit/withdraw money sensibly, and understand the importance of financial responsibility at a small age.

Iphone Apps Top 6 Mobile Apps That Can Make a Big Difference

  • Surf Balance Safe Browser for Kids

Surf Balance is a full-screen, safe mobile Web browser that comes with plenty of parental control that allow the parents to do a lot more than merely Web site filtering. It also allows them to guide, and limit their child’s Internet usage.

Using this app, parents can also verify all the web usage of their kid(s) and take appropriate action when they feel that their kids are trying to cross their limits.

So, go ahead and try out these 6 cool parenting iPhone apps that can assist you in plenty of ways in becoming smarter parents.

Author Bio – Martin is a professional iPhone and Android app developer who runs his own web development firm that serves over 30 global clients. He also helps in marketing businesses, and of late he has been working with and greatly recommends them to those who need any assistance with iPhone app development in San Diego.

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