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Thing to look for in mobile antivirus

Mobile antivirus is the new must-have accessory for your mobile device that connects to the internet. Android phones and tablets are just as much at risk from viruses, Trojans and hackers as at home computers, and other mobile devices.

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There are now some free antivirus downloads available for android phones. As with any antivirus software, you need to weigh up performance versus costs when deciding which is the right programme for you.

Firstly, double check that the android you have will be compatible with the antivirus programme you are going to buy or use the free version of. Choose a software programme that has enough features to protect your device without running the battery down too quickly or taking too much room up on the memory.

Antivirus software will check out new apps that you download onto your android smartphone. It compares them to a database of known malicious apps and then alerts you if there’s a problem. You can also get features such as filtering calls and texts from your existing contacts, and securing your contacts, photos and files from being accessed without your permission.  Parental control allows you to put a limit on your children’s phone calls and texts, and to keep track of where they are using the GPS find function.

As well as offering antivirus protection, a good mobile internet security programme will include spam filters, firewall and anti-spyware and real-time antimalware scans.

It’s important that the software is user friendly, and operates easily on a small screen.  Most mobile antivirus programmes download directly onto your smartphone and updates will be automatic.  You can also sync via a computer if you prefer. Check before you buy how often you’ll receive updates.

Mobile antivirus doesn’t cost the earth, yet it could really save you a lot of time and hassle by keeping your android free of viruses and protected from unauthorised access.

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