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Protect Your Pc

Posted by AlexC August - 1 - 2012 - Wednesday

It makes sense that if you use the internet, but don’t have any internet security installed, then one day – sooner or later – your pc will be infected by a piece of malware or a hacker’s virus.

With the huge numbers of viruses that are released onto the internet on a daily basis, there has been an increased rise in the kind of internet security that is available. At the same time, costs have tumbled. Anti-virus software subscriptions now cost a very small amount and there are many programs that are available as free downloads. Installing mac antivirus is a good start to protect your hardware and information contained on it. You should the make sure you update it regularly, so that you have the latest virus signatures.

In addition to this, bear these points in mind to help increase the protection to your devices.

Keep firewall on

The firewall offers protection from hackers who may try to steal or delete information held on your computer, or they may just try to crash hard drives. Sometimes you need to switch your firewall off to download software. Make a note to switch it back on afterwards. Most operating systems come with a standard firewall, but you can purchase higher level firewall separately.


Spyware is a sneaky kind of software that gives other people the ability to nose around your computer. Spyware can be used to build up an image of your browsing habits and collect information about you. It can also create unwanted popup ads that appear on your internet browser.  Anti-spyware gives you protection from this and like antivirus software is simple to buy and install.  There are free versions, but always choose a brand with a good reputation like Kaspersky internet security.

Update your operating system

Operating systems are constantly being updated to block security breaches and keep technology requirements updated. Don’t ignore requests to update your system – it’s there to help your computer work at its best.

Shut down your computer

Turning the computer off at the end of the day will cut any connection with outside attackers – be they hackers or spyware.

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