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Print Your Own T Shirts

Posted by Neel April - 25 - 2012 - Wednesday

Clothing can be closely associated with one’s personality. People often get an idea about your personality or ideas through your clothes. Hence, it is good to flaunt something on your clothes which you believe in. Thus, printing your own t shirts is a great idea. It is economical, easy and also fun. Though there are many websites these days which can print your t shirts for you, but many are expensive or need you to sign up with them before they provide any information on it. Therefore, printing your own t shirts at home is rather a good option. It does not require any big machines or complex equipment and you can simply start with any old t shirt to experiment with in the beginning. The best part is that it is fun and the printed t shirt will express your idea.

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Photo: Sebastián-Dario

Custom t shirt printing is quite easy if you want to do it for your own personal use rather than some form of business. Although the best way to custom print your t shirts is through screen printing, it is usually a lot of work to do. Hence, creating a simple stencil on a computer and printing it on your t shirt is the best way.

Custom t shirt printing gives your t shirt a new kind of look. It won’t look brand new, but it will certainly look different. It will actually look nicely broken in. Some things that you would need for custom t shirt printing are as follows :

1) A computer and an image editing software like Picasa or Photoshop

2) Knife or blades or scissors

3) A smooth cutting surface like a piece of wood

4) Masking tape

5) Acrylic ink or textile ink

6) Paint roller

7) Iron

9) A T shirt

The first part is to come up with a design or an idea. Next, you design your stencil in the computer based on this idea. To do this, you have to follow these steps :

1) Choose an image and insert it in the image editing software.

2) Create a duplicate layer and isolate the subject from its background. You can use bright colors for contrast.

3) You can play further with your image using different options, depending on what you want to print on your t shirt.

4) Print the ‘mirror image’ of the design on a sheet of paper which is 8.5 x 11”. The paper should be thick and of high quality.

Now that you have designed the stencil, the next step is to print it on your t shirt. Custom t shirt printing involved the following easy steps :

1) Place the print out on the smooth cutting surface and secure its edges with the masking tape.

2) Using a knife or a blade, cut out the print out of the stencil. Cut the part which you want to print on your t shirt.

3) Place the stencil on the t shirt and tape it down with masking tape.

4) Mix the acrylic ink or fabric color and color on the stencil. Be sure to mix a lot to saturate the roller. You may first test this on a spare sheet of paper or a piece of cloth.

5) Fill the roller with ink and paint the stencil that you want to print.

6) Remove the stencil and the tape carefully. Once the ink is dry, use an iron on high, dry setting. Use a wax paper between the iron and the shirt. This heat sets the ink permanently and you are finished with your first custom t shirt printing.

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