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Outsourcing Conferences While Staying Creative

Posted by AlexC August - 6 - 2012 - Monday

Outsourcing conferences is most definitely a good starting point. Unfortunately, you will only know this to be true if you’d had the miserable experience of trying to organize all or most aspect s of a conference in-house yourself. What seems a basically straightforward task in essence at the planning stage fairly quickly becomes a scenario of you running around like a headless chicken surrounded by 100 “Post-it” notes and a to-do list longer than both your arms. In other words, don’t do it! Always outsource conferences unless you’re absolutely compelled not to for some reason.

But there’s a flipside / downside to outsourcing conferences. When you plug-in to a professional conferencing company, you run a slight risk of your conference becoming formulaic – no matter what sales guff they try and throw at you. The bottom line is they’re in this for the money and the more formulaic they can be – the easier the ride they’ll have and the greater the profit margin.

Perhaps the ideal solution, therefore, is some form of hybrid? Exactly where you draw the line in this process is up to you. But you do need to inject a little creativity to keep your conference from being just like all the others.

One great way of doing this is via cinema venue hire. This is still a relatively new phenomenon but it is beginning to gather pace. It’s easy to see why. The ability to see your presentations and videos or whatever else you have projected onto a 30-foot screen in a movie theatre environment with top quality surround sound is an opportunity seldom afforded to business people.

Cineworld venues for hire are a great example of a company doing it right. Cineworld has teams of specialist conference organizers that enable you to effectively outsource the entire conference – whilst keeping a firm grip on the creativity of the content. And of course, the venue itself is creative and a little offbeat to begin with.

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