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Mobile Phone Accessories for a Motorbike

Posted by Neel May - 17 - 2012 - Thursday

Staying connected while you are on your motorbike used to be impossible but now there is a wide range of accessories available that can make you motorbike riding safer and more enjoyable. So what kind of mobile phone accessories can you get for your next bike trip? Well, you definitely have to start with a motorcycle intercom if you are going to be travelling with friends, but why stop there?

When looking for specific mobile phone accessories for your motorbike, you need to look at how you want to use your phone. This can include navigation, communication as well as securing and powering your phone on long or short trips.

Keeping Your Phone Secure

Keeping your phone safe and secure needs to be a priority as the last thing you want to see in your side mirror is your phone flying out of your pocket. There are many types of cases for your phone that will come with clips to properly secure it to your clothing. You might also want to invest in a good saddlebag for your motorbike.

Although baggage for your motorbike is not considered a mobile phone accessory it is important, as you will need a place to keep everything. There are a number of different storage options for your motorbike and you will want something relatively secure so that when you do stop, your belongings will be safe.

Staying Powered Up

If you are off on a long motorcycle trip then the last thing you want is to be stuck somewhere with a mobile phone that has run out of battery. Luckily, you can now buy portable solar chargers for your phone and won’t have to resort to putting a chunky car charger on your bike. The portable charger can also come in handy if you are out camping or simply away from power outlets for a while, and, it is free power!

You can also find many spare power supplies for your phone, including handy power packs that provide a short, quick burst of charge to your phone. These are helpful if you just want to be sure you can use your phone if you really need it.

Using Your Phone on the Bike

Using your phone on a bike used to be impossible but you now have many options to communicate on the road. The easiest option is to buy yourself a bluetooth headset for your motorbike, as this will communicate directly with your phone. This accessory also comes in very handy when riding with others as it can be used as a intercom between the riders in your group.

A Bluetooth headset also means you can listen to some music while riding your bike! No more boring bits of your journey and losing concentration. You will now have access to all of your music stored on your phone.

Fun Phone Add-ons

There are some fun and fantastic mobile phone add-ons just for motorbikes. One of the handiest ones has to be the handle bar phone mount for your motorcycle. Now you don’t have to be without the GPS navigation from your phone just because you’re out on your bike!

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