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List Of Features To Look For a Good Telephone System For Business

Posted by Neel August - 7 - 2012 - Tuesday

Business phone system has always been a core part of every organization, irrespective of the size, location and type of industry. Although, e-mail and fax have become a popular mode of communication around the world, the significance of telephone has not reduced. This is for a simple fact, that telephone is the only mode of communication which gives the facility to converse with other people at real time. Thus, providing immediate response to the queries and confirmations. You must be thinking of other methods such as sms and instant messaging systems which allow the users to talk in real time. As a matter of fact, even these services fall under the category of telecom systems.

VOIP Phone System 447x201 List Of Features To Look For a Good Telephone System For Business

In the modern world, the definition of phone system is drastically evolving with every passing day. Thus, it is very important to install an effective business telephone system to ensure smooth functioning of business operations. However, sometimes it can be extremely confusing for new business owners to select the right type of system to meet the current business needs, keeping in mind the future requirements. In this article, we will talk about some basic features of an efficient phone system that a business owner should consider before making any decision.

Basic Features of a  Good Business Phone System
There are thousands of brands available in the market, that will claim to provide you best of the services. Since each brand is different and offer different features, you can get confused at the time of purchase. To solve this problem, it is advisable to ask the salesperson for a complete list of options, which will help you compare the products.

1) Auto attendant – This feature allows the callers to direct their own calls  by following the instructions of the automated voice system. Moreover, this system allows the caller to get  directly in touch with the the employee of the company by typing the receiving party’s extension.

2) Conferencing  - This is an exclusive phone system feature, which allows the user to connect with two or more extensions on a same call to share conversation. However, you can ask your provider to increase the number of  participants allowed in one conferencing, along with support for external conference calls.

3) Auto Call Forwarding and Distributing – Auto call forwarding feature allows you to direct the calls at different number, when you are not present in the office. On the other hand, auto-call distribution system set up users to receive calls on the basis of department categorization.

4) Voice Mail – This feature allows you to leave a message for the employees on their individual telephone systems when they are not present at their desk. Also, this feature sends all the  individual voicemail, shared mailboxes and unified messages directly to the mail of the user.

5) Call Recording –  This is a most popular feature used by many companies nowadays. This feature is majorly used for training purpose in an organization for regulated businesses.

6) Call Hold With Musical Background – How long will you let your callers wait over the phone in silence? An efficient business telephone system will provide the facility to  play recorded messages to advertise your company’s products or add music for the caller’s entertainment while the user attends to other matters.

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