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Latest Google Android Apps Keep Your Fingers Busy

Posted by Admin September - 19 - 2011 - Monday

Google Android, which was first released in 2007, is one of the most popular Operating Systems for smartphones in the market today. Some of these applications include Calendar, Finance, Google Earth, Translate and Google Talk which make them very convenient to use.

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Photo: Johan Larsson

The latest Google Android apps also include the Google Search where you can search Google and your phone’s apps and contacts by just typing or speaking your query. You can also get your email the instant it arrives via push or search for any email saved in your contact thru the Gmail apps or listen to voicemail, send free SMS, call internationally at low rates through Google Voice.

There is Google Contacts to automatically synced your phone, and for smart shoppers, the Google Shopper. You can now search for local businesses, drive with turn-by-turn navigation, or get transit directions using Google Maps. You can also see Buzz around and tag posts with your location, and even blog posts thru Blogger on-the-go with your Android phone.

There are also the fun apps which include the Latitude to see your friend’s locations on a map, Goggles to use pictures to search the web, and Youtube where you can now browse or upload videos at DVD quality.

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