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Latest gadgets to monitor your heart

Posted by Admin March - 5 - 2013 - Tuesday

Today’s lifestyle is full of stress and tension. The kind of hectic work schedules and busy social commitments we have are bound to take a toll on our health and heart. Heart diseases have become increasingly common, even among people of a younger age. That’s why it’s important to constantly monitor things like blood pressure and heart rate. There are many latest heart rate monitors available in the market which can help you keep a check on the health of your heart. Here are a few:

Heart monitoring 447x331 Latest gadgets to monitor your heart

  1. Mobile phone heart monitors: Many of the smartphones available today allow you to monitor heart rate in as much detail as hospital electrocardiographs. With the added advantage that the report can also be sent to the doctor immediately. A heart monitor is attached to the patient’s chest, and the required app in the phone displays the measurements, allowing you to track your heart rate in less than a minute.  So no matter where you are, you can keep a tab on your health easily. For patients suffering from various heart-related ailments, it is advisable to also regulate their dietary habits and follow doctor-prescribed diet programs with food that is healthy and heart-friendly.
  2. Watches that monitor heart rate: In addition to patients with heart ailments, athletes who train physically can also benefit immensely from heart rate monitors. Especially marathon runners can measure their performance over time, so that they can improve their stamina and endurance. Heart rate measuring watches can help track many additional things as well, such as the distance you run and speed, and some are even fitted with GPS navigation systems. The more high-tech varieties can also sync with a PC and transfer all this information. Some even have complete training plans to help athletes enhance their performance.
  3. Gym equipment-integrated heart rate monitors: Most modern exercise equipment these days are integrated with monitors to track various performance statistics to help you get the maximum out of your work out. These include heart rate monitors, which can be attached to the wrist or chest, or even new strapless varieties. They come with various different features depending upon the type of equipment and type of applications they are being used for. With many of the latest varieties, you can even set goals, such as time, distance and speed, and the monitor can help you pace yourself accordingly. For people on specific diet programs with food that is low calorie, monitors can also integrate with calorie counters to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Technology has really come of age, and these days one does not have to depend exclusively on doctors to keep a tab on one’s health. In addition, sports enthusiasts and people looking to lose weight or attain certain fitness goals can get expert help on the go without having to hire personal trainers, with these latest gadgets. It’s important to remember that whatever may be your aim, it’s always beneficial to follow the right diet programs with food suited to your particular condition.


Ray Lehigh is a person with great passion for writing; he has written many articles on different topics like diet programs with food. You can look out for more on his other blogs related to health and beauty.

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