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High End of Smartphones by Samsung

Samsung has surprised the technology community by launching various Smartphone’s so early. In fact, this company does not even wait for month subsequent to global launch of devices. Hence, currently customers will find Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S duos and the latest innovation in the world of Smart phone, Galaxy Round.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is an incredible smart phone offered by Samsung which has the display of 5.7’’ which is well powered with the processor of 1.9GHz. The phone is equipped with RAM of 3GB and Rear camera with the high level of clarity of 13MP.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung S4 has various new hardware and software features. For instance, the hard drive which has 3 possible sizes and 64GB is the biggest among them, it is slimmer and thinner than their predecessor and it even has the bright touch screen of 5″ with great battery capacity. It is possibly the highly impressive feature of phone lies in pioneering new feature with regard to its camera; if the person turns away while watching the video, the video will automatically pause. This is really quite impressive.

Galaxy round is the first Smartphone of the world with the curved display with the Galaxy Note that has taken a step towards achieving the wearable devices having flexible as well as unbreakable screens. Galaxy Round is the attempt of Samsung to gauge the customer appetite for the curved phones even though the other features are also eye-catching which makes it a hit.

Galaxy Round

Galaxy Round has the display of 5.7-inch which is the 14.4-centimetre and it has the small horizontal curve and it weighs even less than Galaxy Note 3 which allows the more comfortable and contended grip than other kind of flat-screen models in market. Its main features include the tilt function that allows the users to check details information like missed calls and the life of your phone battery, even when home screen is off.

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