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Posted by Admin August - 11 - 2011 - Thursday

The newest generation of cell phones feature a brand new operating system that goes by the name Android. Developed by Android Inc. and Google, the Android operating system is revolutionary in that it allows open source development. While previous mobile phones had a very rigid development process for applications. Mobile messaging api

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The first cell phone to feature the Android operating system was the HTC G1, which was released exclusively on the T-Mobile UK network. The T-Mobile G1, featured a full keyboard as well as a touch screen display. The Phones with older versions of Android can be upgraded and a quick internet search provides numerous instructional walk-throughs on how to do so.

Motorola has also been backing the Android system, with the aptly named Droid phone as well as the Motorola DEXT. The Google phone, named the Google Nexus One, is optimized for the Android system and is available exclusively online. Another interesting feature of the Nexus One is that it can be purchased unlocked, so that it can be used with any carrier or even without a carrier.

Many different apps come recommended, and include a media player to turn your phone into a fully fledged entertainment machine capable of both audio and video playback. The Android system and the phones that run it are powerful tools that allow users almost unlimited possibilities.

Sharp is a newest Android offering, which carries the model name ‘Galapagos’ which slated to be released in Japan later this year. The Galapagos comes with a host of different features that have become nearly standard amongst Android phones, including an impressive camera shooting both video and still images. The most impressive aspect of this new handset is the 3D screen, which Sharp hopes will bring such films and 3D content to smartphone users around the globe.

Sharp has also addressed some of the concerns regarding the lack of available 3D content by signing several partnerships with gaming companies. These developers, which include Namco Bandai and Capcom, will create 3D games that will be available for the device.


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