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Android Developers: Hire the best!

Posted by Admin October - 15 - 2011 - Saturday

Android is one of those widely used mobile operating systems that work best with smartphones, netbooks, tablet computers, Google TV, and other devices. Coming from the stables of technology and Internet giants Google, this is one of the hot favorites of tech geeks. Being an open source OS, the scope and ambit of android development is huge and unimaginable. Google and Open Handset Alliance have built Android on the Linux kernel with middleware, libraries and APIs written in C language.

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Photo: Kenichi Nobusue

However what makes Android so popular is the variety of applications it has that are custom built for various kinds of users. Android developers have so much luxury to build so many kinds of apps that the market for custom android applications can never close. With freelance android developers fraying into the market, the cost of production has come down very much. In countries such as India there are many technocrats who are so well versed with the Android technology that they can develop any kind of app you want. Outsourcing work to such developers is a very good economic option.

How to choose an Android Developer

  • Choose a developer who knows his work and doesn’t make tall promises. Make a background check on his previous work on Android development. If he is with a software development firm, check the firm too.
  • Discussing finance is of outmost importance as this is the premise that will help you finalize a developer. Check whether the developer has included after sales servicing in his price.
  • Make sure you discuss the idea with the developer in detail. If you have a rough sketch of what you want, you have to make sure that the developer can work to improve the idea.
  • Creativity is very important in this highly competitive market. There are thousands of Android applications and your one needs to be one of the best. Your developer is your resource person in doing so.
  • There are different kinds of Android apps such as map based apps, small and complicated Android apps, network oriented & local Android apps, business or end-user oriented Android apps, and many others. Check whether the developer is using the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) that helps in developing apps using C or C++.
  • Make sure that the app is built on Java as it will make the app very stable.
  • If the developer has a licensing service from Google better for you and him. This just shows that your developer has developed apps for Android earlier too.

Hiring the best Android developer is the key to success in this lucrative market. You can design an app that will have many takers with the help of the right developer.

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