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Android applications- Potent tool for business!

An individual runs a business and endows all he has in order to gain some revenue . He uses  different strategies and technological advancements in order to enhance his work. One of the latest advancement is the android. It is mainly a software engineered by Google, hosting millions of applications to choose from. It has brought a revolution in the field of mobile phones which directly or indirectly have profited the entire race including business entrepreneurs.

Android applications Android applications  Potent tool for business!

It is the fastest and easiest way to find, converse or direct one’s own business activities. Thus, Android is the best platform for any business owner. Google has developed and monitored thousands of applications and widgets with the android software for business people. Some of the most used android apps for business people are described below:

  • Square: it is one of the most important technological developments for start-up and small sized firms as it allows the user to accept payments via credit cards on their Smartphone or any gizmo on which it is downloaded. But for all the transactions carried out a small amount is to be paid to square which is 2.75% of the amount.
  • Bump: if ones Smartphone is equipped with this app then two users can merge their phones together. This way by designall the contact files  would  get downloadedon each other’s phone. The largest merit of bump app is that it can be used in any kind of OS whether an android or not.
  • Team viewer: it is the most  commonlyused applications giving a number of benefits to the business people. With the help of this application, one can directly connect with the computer at home or any other places while the viewer is  somewhere else. Along with this, you can even edit documents, recover emails and operate any software  installedon the host computer.
  • Evernote: it is a useful application as it can be used just as a pin board. With the help of this app one can access the events, dates, images or details  you will not only be able to access the required data from anywhere but also share it with other users.
  • LinkedIn: it is a social networking site for professionals to share and publish data and information. You could even look for required candidates in case of any vaccines. Through the mobile version of this app you can update your contacts and update status as well.
  • Documents to go: a businessman have the majority of its work on Microsoft office. Using this application you can operate Excel, Word, Powerpoint and many other office software including the Adobe PDF files. With the help of this application it has become very convenient to do your office work even when on the go as you could verify calculations, review proposals and do much more.

Thanks to such useful applications that bi on mobile is possible, no matter which corner of the world you are in .


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