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Android has been supporting millions of smartphones and tablets across the globe and is the biggest OS and mobile application development platform that is growing rapidly. Each day, the number of Android users gets increased and those using the platform for the very first time look for new apps, games, and other kind of software and content to utilize the fullest potential of the device. Android provides an outclass platform for designing and developing apps, software, and games for smartphones users. This platform can be used anywhere and is an open source platform giving much freedom to the developers and programmers.

Android Phone 447x287 Android   A Leading Mobile Application Development Platform

The biggest installed OS in the World

The android OS has built upon the efforts by the Linux’s open source community and owes its success to more than three hundred software, hardware, and network partners. This platform has gained popularity in a very short time and is said to the rapidly growing operating system for mobile devices. The open source feature of android has made this platform the most preferred one for developers and consumers and has resulted in accelerated demand for apps. The users of Android download around one and a half billion games and apps from the Play Store each month. With the support from the partners, Android is striving to make advancements in both hardware and software for bringing about innovative capabilities for the developers and consumers. The innovation boasted by Android is phenomenal for app developers as they get a powerful, creative, and popular app development platform using the latest technology for mobiles.

Strong Framework for App. Development

Android provides everything a developer needs for building out class apps. The OS offers a single unique app model that allows the developer to deploy the applications in a broad way to thousands and millions of Android users using various mobile devices. Android Certification provides the developers with innovative tools for designing and building apps that are striking and interesting. Developers can benefit from the features of the devices when creating apps on Android platform. The OS automatically syncs to the user interface for operating at optimum level on each distinct mobile device. Moreover, app developers get more control over the user interface depending on the kind of device. For instance, a developer can create an app binary that would be adjusted for both the tablet and the smartphone. The user interface is declared in XML resources sets. Some sets are for UI components that are common to a number of factors in each device and some sets for optimizing to some particular model of phone or tablet. Android implements the accurate resources depending on the size of the screen and other factors.

To let the developers create apps in an efficient way, the tools offered by Android provide a complete JAVA IDE along with latest features to develop, debug, and package the apps. With the help of IDE, developers can create apps for any model.

Final Word:

Android is the rapidly growing app development platform for programmers and developers. When a developer publishes an app at the Play Store, the app can reach out to billions of users across the globe. The demand for android apps is immense, and developers can bag huge bucks by getting trained to create brilliant, innovative, and striking apps for the world’s largest mobile OS.

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