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An Overview of Telemetry and Animal Tracking

Posted by Admin July - 26 - 2012 - Thursday

Satellites transmit and receive various signals from ground stations in order to complete the process of communication and sending or receiving any messages. The basic purpose of a satellite when we talk about visual communication is that it allows video transmission. To be specific and simple, satellites are machines revolving around the earth in order to send or receive any useful information.

noaa 18 An Overview of Telemetry and Animal Tracking

With the advancement in technology, there are many different types of satellites in present days. In order to track objects all around the world, scientists depend on satellite telemetry, which is a form of radio communication. Almost all scientists including biologists and environmentalists use this technology for various different studies. Weather analysis, migratory patterns of different animals all around the world and control of various satellites are some of the subjects associated with telemetry systems.

Concept of Telemetry

Telemetry is a form of radio communication which is able to handle more than one channel simultaneously. This has a lot of perks and benefits. Wires, radio communication or fiber optic cables can be easily used to create a basic telemetry system. As mentioned earlier, satellites transmit or receive a lot of signals from ground stations or networks. The data is collected on the ground through radio transmitters with the use of telemetry systems. Instructions are broadcasted to the satellite while data is received in remote locations. All this can be done simultaneously with the telemetry system.

Controlling the Satellite

Tracking, telemetry and a well defined control system form the basis of any satellite. Control systems facilitate a two way communication through which the satellite can send signals to ground stations and vice versa. The signals received at ground stations also include information about the satellite like its temperature, voltage, location etc. This way it is easier to maintain the satellite in a good and working condition. Radio signals are even handled through telemetry systems. These ensure that operators can easily control cameras, propulsions and other basic functions of the satellite.

Working of Telemetry systems

Multiple streams of data have to be handled at the same time through a telemetry system. Therefore, it is important for these systems to find a way to handle this data. This is because information has to be converted into data which can be easily used. Multiplexing is a process that helps with this task. This process is used in telemetry systems to split data according to the time it is received. Multiplexing also organizes different types of data on different radio frequencies. This data may be incoming or outgoing.

Animal Tracking

As mentioned earlier, satellite telemetry is also used to track migrating patterns of birds, animals and fish. This is usually done through location tracking or global positioning systems, also known as GPS. Animals are planted with transmitters and tracked through satellites as they have a global reach. Mating and feeding patterns of animals play a vital and critical role in their survival. Studies associated with these patterns can be easily conducted with the help of telemetry systems.

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