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We cannot underestimate the role played by android apps in today’s business world. However, the challenge comes in choosing a particular app for a task in hand. The simple reason being; the Google play store has a lot of apps. For this reason picking on any of the apps based on the ‘must have’ becomes almost impossible. However, below is a list of the most amazing apps for android users.

Android Dropbox Amazing Business Apps for android Users


-The number of cloud-based storage apps is overwhelming in the market today. However, none of them can outshine drop box in terms of support.

-Nearly all apps that have cloud support goes well with drop box.

-This makes it the best bet for your cloud storage. The good news is that this app is absolutely free for an account that occupies less space.


-This is the best app for mobile office suit.

-Kingsoft office, supports more file formats than any other app in this category-23 formats. This means that, it can work with almost all the available documents.

-Additionally, the app contains an inbuilt support for almost all the existing cloud storage services. The good news, however, is that the app is easier to use and is absolutely free.


-This app can be termed as an app that targets Outlook or simply an e-mail app.

-The app can connect you to your exchange server and provide a single interface to view your e-mail, contacts, calendar and tasks.

-This app comes with a different version for both tablets and phones. In case you are installing it on a tablet always install the HD version.

-The simple feature that makes touchdown better than an inbuilt e-mail client is the presence of multiple configuration options.

-The app costs $19.99 only. You can use a free trial that runs for a month and experience what it can do for you.

GOOGLE DRIVE 447x299 Amazing Business Apps for android Users


-Basing to the fact that most of android users have google accounts, this app ranges among the best apps that you can have.

-Installing a google drive is probably the most convenient way to leverage drive from your tablet or smartphone.

-The app enables you to create, manage and edit all your drive documents.

-For those who might need an MS office support in their drive, you can as well install quick office. This app is absolutely free.


-This is the best app in case you want to remotely access you desktop.

-Splashtop streams the whole desktop to your device and can be used even with PCs and Mac.

-The app uses a technology that streams high resolution videos instantly. However, you cannot transfer files from or to your desktop.

-The app is being priced at $4.99.


-This is the easiest way to get business cards information into your android device.

-This app uses the camera on your android to scan business cards and then saves the information on the contact list.

-Additionally, the app also supports email signature, QR code and batch scanning all aimed at making the service more efficient.

-After saving the card in your android, you can share its information via SMS, e-mail and QR code.

-The app retails at $11.99. However, there is a free version that comes with limitations on sharing.

In order to make your business more modernized in terms of communication, it is essential to set up a phone system. This comes with the fact that this technology has limitless long term advantages on your business.


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