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A Look at the Latest Android for Tablet

Posted by Admin August - 31 - 2011 - Wednesday

Most people are now familiar with Android which is a mobile operating system developed by Google Inc and the Open Handset Alliance for mobile devices like mobile telephones and tablet computers. It includes an operating system, middle ware and key applications.

61nVrkwWagL A Look at the Latest Android for Tablet

Nowadays, Android tablets are dominating the market which led to the decreased in sale of personal computers such as desktop computers and laptops. Tablets are compact and convertible which makes them easier to use than laptops. Users can write on it rather than type which make it easier to write notes using either the stylus or the complete touchscreen. It makes personal interaction easier as it allows user to post comments easily and personalized them. The most important feature is that tablet users can use the latest cutting-edge technology software as there are hundreds third-party software applications and plug-ins available.

The latest Android version for tablet computers is the Android 3.0 tablet or which was aptly named “Honeycomb” by Google because of its features. The new platform will support applications and programs designed for large touchscreens tablet computers. This uses tabs not windows, easier Gmail with two columns and action bar; has support for 3D graphics, has added features for the enterprise, and a “re-jiggered” keyboard cut-and-paste action which makes it easy to type words using both hands rather than using just one or two fingers. Through this platform users can expect faster internet, fast apps downloading, fast browsing capability, games, music, video players, adobe flash players – which are the best features of the latest Android for tablet.

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