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Why the New Android Tablet is the Way to Go

Posted by Thanate Tan June - 3 - 2013 - Monday

If you are not into iPad, then Android is the way to go as it has many options from the Windows 8 tablets to the Blackberry Playbook, using iPad’s main OS rival, the Android Jelly Bean. The operating system for mobile phones and tablets, Android works in the same way as the PCs run on Microsoft Windows. Most of the mobile phones today run on Android’s version 2, while the new tablets run on version 3.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 447x335 Why the New Android Tablet is the Way to Go

A number of users are now shifting to Android tablets since they come in a wide range of sizes from 5 to 10 inch touchscreen displays. It also offers true multitasking than iPad since they run on dual-core processors with multitasking panel that is extremely easy to navigate. They also have cameras, require no synching, and have replaceable batteries.

With better technology, users can expect more from the new Android tablet such as Google Nexus 7 as it has all the apps that allow it to be fitted with more information on the screen at one time and have all the buttons needed for easy navigation in the interface.

Galaxy Nexus by Samsung

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