How To Optimize Battery Life of Android Tablet

In this era of technology, every person is inclined towards the technology and gadgets. Tablets are one of these devices which are most coveted as these comprises latest in-built functionality along with portability feature. Moreover, individuals as well as professionals are concerned about the battery life of tablet. However, one can easily get enhanced tablet battery life just keeping in mind few precautions.

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To get an enhanced battery’s life, user needs to follow simple tips:

• Discharge the battery fully and then recharge to 100% once a month
• Charge your battery only when it indicates low battery. Unless and until, it indicates low battery avoid charging it
• Do not keep the tablet near magnetic devices as it can consume the fully charged battery in less than a day
• Keep your battery away from high temperatures as much as possible. The ideal operating temperature for most electronic devices powered by lithium batteries is 50 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit
• Turn on Wi-Fi saving mode as it consumes unnecessary power when switched on
• Do not recharge the battery when it’s above 90%
• Always take out Android tablet out of its case when charging the device. While, recharging tablet one should take it out of the case to disperse heat
• Do not enable 3G unnecessarily

Moreover, to extend Android battery life just monitors which applications are consuming the most power. In case, you don’t need that application just disable the application. Many apps such as Skype load up each time android start, or restart, Android device running in the background. Android has a built in system tool that allows you to monitor your battery usage for a given app, or system hardware.

To enhance battery life of tablet one also needs to manage Android applications as well as hardware.
The users can keep a check on the consumption of the battery by using following steps:

• Click the “Settings” App
• Click “About Tablet,” then “Status”
• You will now see the battery status (i.e. charging/discharging) and battery level.
• The battery use screen tells you which app consumes the most battery power from greatest to lease power usage.
• Within this screen you can touch an app to see details of the app’s power consumption. Certain apps provide more information than others.
• You can also touch the discharge graph to see details about the hardware usage. (i.e. screen , wireless, GPS and others as well

To increase the battery life of tablet, one has to follow these steps. By following these simple steps, one cannot just increase the life of the battery but the life of the tablet as well. Moreover, these tips also help to save electricity which is beneficial of our country’s progress. Since, your little precaution can enhance battery life of tablet as well as save electricity, therefore join our hands together to do it.

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