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Smartphones of 2013: Which are Making Headlines

Posted by Admin December - 5 - 2013 - Thursday

2013 has arguably been one of the best years in history when it comes to smartphones. We have seen so many new flagships come out this year, and the boom still isn’t over. Here we are going to go over some of the biggest and best smartphones of 2013, and discuss what makes them so great.

Smartphones of 2013 447x366 Smartphones of 2013: Which are Making Headlines


The HTC One took the Android world by storm when it came out in early 2013. It has a quality aluminum build that only the iPhone can rival. It also changed the way we view media on phones by being the first to have front facing speakers. The HTC One is a powerhouse of a phone, and is still a popular choice half a year after its release.

Samsung Galaxy S4

The follow-up to arguably the most popular Android phone of all time, was met with a great response. The Galaxy S4 added a downright ridiculous amount of features to enhance your smartphone experience. For instance, there is an IR blaster, a sensor to detect hand motions, improved camera features, and many more.

Apple iPhone 5S

Apple made headlines again with their new and improved iPhone 5S. Instead of going with the usual home button, Apple added a fingerprint sensor for unlocking the phone. The release of the 5S also saw the release of iOS7, Apple’s newest, and much more modern version of their popular operating system.

Motorola Moto X

The Moto X did something revolutionary this year by allowing consumers the option to completely customize the hardware. Using Motomaker, you are able to change the color of the front plate, back plate, accent, and even choose what color headphones will ship with the device. In addition to that, the Moto X has “Touchless Control” which allows you to control the phone using only your voice.

Google Nexus 5

The Nexus 5 is the much anticipated follow up to last year’s Nexus 4. The Nexus 5 is developed by LG and uses a completely stock version of Android. This makes the Nexus 5 downright faster and more buttery smooth than most other phones on the market. It also comes with the latest and best version of Android, the Android 4.4 KitKat.

In conclusion, 2013 has been an epic year for building the best smartphone. We have seen upgrades in connectivity that can make a phones 4G speeds rival that of Bell’s internet service. Phone services have also changed with T-Mobile ditching contracts, and AT&T making it easier for people to upgrade their phones. 2013 has been a roller coaster in the phone world and 2014 is looking the same.

Galaxy Nexus by Samsung

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