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When it comes to talking about mobile app development, Android is certainly the next big thing. Despite the enormous craze for iPhone and other Apple platforms, the rising popularity of Android app platform is surely paving the way for it to take over in the future. Having been taken over by Google, and building on the contributions of the open-source Linux community and numerous software, hardware and carrier partners, Android is becoming an epicenter for creativity and innovation. The Android games and apps being the tip of the iceberg, a lot more is yet to come from the Android developers.

Android Developers

Android came into the market in 2008, and ever since there has been no looking back. In this short time it has successfully emerged as a powerful platform, gaining immense popularity with each passing year. When it was first introduced in the market, hardly anyone could predict the role it would come to play in changing the mobile landscape. Today there are more than 290,000 apps available on the Android Market, making its competitors apprehensive. The way Android market is rapidly progressing and maturing, it is certainly indicating towards a promising future.

Owing to the belief that the openness of Android offers great opportunities for customization, it enjoys a big deal of preference both in the developer’s as well as the user’s community. In this short period, Android developers have already designed and created apps and games with amazing capabilities and features. Along with its partners, Android is constantly striving to extend the limits of hardware and software to introduce new and advanced capabilities to developers and users.

With the growing popularity of Android, job opportunities are booming as well. Capital Numbers Infotech Pvt Ltd, a flourishing digital marketing company founded in 2012, is offering excellent job opportunities for experienced and skilled Android developers. Capital Numbers is a ISO 9001 certified company, rated by Dun-and-Bradsteet and a Google Partner.

Capital Numbers is having Android developer vacancy in Kolkata, and are looking for incredibly talented people to join their team and help them build innovative and powerful apps for Android. Following are the job responsibilities candidates are required to fulfill:

Assisting in the process of communication among internal team as well as external partners and client contacts regarding technical matters.

Analyzing requirements, wireframes and capabilities of related systems and suggesting appropriate solutions.

  • Working with producers to identify and address project status issues.
  • Writing clean, stable and unit-tested code, and accompanying documentation if required.
  • Assigning programming tasks to other team members and providing oversight as needed.
  • Researching and sharing latest industry trends and innovations.

If you are interested in Android developer vacancy in Kolkata offered by Capital Numbers, visit their website to know about the skills they are looking for in an eligible candidate.

Author Bio: Mark Judd, the author of this article, is a professional content writer who has been writing high-quality articles and blogs on a variety of topics for years. In this article, he writes about Android developer vacancy in Kolkata.

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