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Powerful Speech Technology – The New Phase in Smartphone Tech

The Powerful speech technology, made by a Chinese company is a voice based conversational interface meant to make the interaction between man and the machines easier.

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Shift in the Global Smartphone Industry

The Chinese mobile manufacturers entry into the smartphone industry has created a significant change in it. They have wielded an enormous international power and paramount competition against the leading companies such as the South Korean Samsung, the California’s Apple and Nokia. Currently, Chinese smartphones account for at least a third of the total number of smartphones in the global market. The invention of the voice interfaces in the mobile gadgets is a critical step for other mobile companies as it is going to be an essential element for competitive advantage.

How does the powerful speech technology work?

In the mind of every consumer of smart mobiles lingers the questions of how does the powerful speech technology work. The technology’s primary objective is to make the use of the smartphones easier and more user-friendly by tapping into the use of their conversational voice interface rather than touching the screen keypads to compose and convey a message or online search. The user’s voice shall be the command eliminating the need to key and type to search or text message.

The Baidutechnology devotes in making the conversations more useful and practical, as speech is becoming one of the most steadfast forms of communication in the smartphones market. For instance, if an individual wants to search anything online or text a friend, they do not necessarily need to type the message on their phones, but they shall speak with the phone and the message or search shall be done. People will be able to converse with the phones as if you are talking to fellow beings. The AI is being engineered to be able to understand all cues of communication and language as well as responding to the user’s commands.

Insights of the Tech 

  • The innovation is anticipated to provide a more efficient mobile interface that would change the entire market.
  • The system will create a more involving man-machine interactions as the devices shall have the power to talk to the user.
  • The MIT Technology, the company behind the invention,aims to advance the AI to other electronic devices such as microwaves.
  • Imagine being able to speak to your phone. it will be life changing making life much easier.


The system has not been able to work sufficiently in noisy environments thus noise is a limiting factor. The researchers, however, are determined to make it possible. Training an AI to interpret clearly and adequately user queries is not an easy task, more research has been deployed to ensure there is improved interpretation of user queries and language cues.Critics of the technology worry of what would be the impacts of creating an AI with such intelligence and communication abilities, what if the tech learn things on their own and share among themselves?

Author Biography 

Ellie Grace is a business and technology news reporter working round the clock to keep her flock updated with news in the world of business and technology. She is also a dedicated blogger.

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