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Great Features of Latest Samsung’s Galaxy Note Which over The iPhone6

These days’ things are getting quite interesting. There are information which says that Samsung is will make unique product which will get released in the smartphone market gets circulating – something that will make best out of bendable display of OLED of company.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Great Features of Latest Samsungs Galaxy Note Which over The iPhone6

With the latest and updated Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, it is already delivered. The GT-N7000 or the note Edge appears as most beautiful and looking gadget that has foldable screen above the side of this handset. It even offers several different possibilities, specifically with premium quality which is reflecting.

The additional point of the Galaxy Note Edge is that it comes with the screen which measures about 5.7 inches, that is among key features of the Galaxy Note, however one inch of drapes over their side. This is even prepared for handling the entire notifications for preventing feature from delaying watching videos at full screen mode.

Choosing the Galaxy Note Edge for first time, possibly you may even notice small issue. This is the screen folded part that can also appear to be at wrong side for the people who are usually left-handed. The latest product from Samsung offers incredible while held by hand. The added dimension of screen makes it feel and appear quite premium and superior compared to Galaxy Note 4.





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