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Facetime Alternatives for Android

FaceTime is an iOS exclusive app, but Android users have no less of a range of applications to choose from! So, here it is; 5 alternatives to FaceTime for android users!

Mobile App

Google Hangouts

Here is to Google’s own video calling app which is based upon the same technology as FaceTime is. The application works perfectly on Android devices, and for that matter on all desktops and Windows machines as well! all you need is a web cam, and a fast flow of the internet!

You need to have the Google+ app to be able to have access to Hangouts, and also a Google account!


Well, without saying Skype is the best of all video calling services. The application is available on Windows, iOS, Androids and almost everything else too! The application can be perfectly used on Android phones as well over 3G or Wi-Fi networks. A Skype account is all you need to have those video chats with somebody who is far off!

Anyone can create a skype account for themselves, which is available for free and then Skype everyone you wish to see despite the distance!


This one was originally meant for making free calls, but this could serve as an amazing alternative for FaceTime for all Android users. The designing and appeal of the application seems to be greatly designed and you just need to have an internet connection along with the app for have access to the same!

The video calls through this app are possible only among the Viber users and not others. So, make sure the person you wish to have a video call with does have a Viber account!

Web Cam


Well, this one might serve to be the ideal alternative for FaceTime on your Android Smartphones! This app has been out here for quite a long time and will be one of the best of options for video chats.

Along with video calls, the application also allows you to exchange texts as well as voice notes! Tango doesn’t require any kind of a cellular connection, all you need is a Wi-Fi and the person to be talked to available on the app!

Another fascinating feature on this app is the games suite! Oh yes, you can play online with friends and talk at the same time. is something which has a professional touch to it; given that the ones made for professional use are mostly customized or too expensive, this one can be the best alternative for you.

The standard package for Zoom is free; and it lets you have video calls throughout. The application provides you with high quality video and streaming services. When being used on Wi-Fi, the video quality for the app is mind blowing; nothing less than HD.

Zoom was originally created for professional use but is a really amazing application which can be used for personal use as well.

Despite of whatever you choose from the list above, a perfect FaceTime App alternative will take time to fit in. however, all the developers are on a constant improvement along with bug fixes and updates, which means later or sooner you will be happy!

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