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Don’t let the release of the new iPhone 5C distract you from the fact that there are several other competent, exciting handsets out there. After all, the world doesn’t belong to Apple – though, it often seems like it might. Whilst the iPhone 5C boldly eats into consumer pockets with its massive £450 price tag, there’s another technological war being waged.

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All of the major manufacturers in the tech industry have some level of input into the mobile OS world, says journalist Thomas Thorn. Microsoft has Windows Phone 8. Google has the 4.2 version of Jelly Bean. Apple, of course, is now firmly entrenched in what has been lauded as the processing system to change all processing systems – the iOS 7. Read the rest of this entry »

Benefits of Converting Presentation in Video Format

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One often wonders and worries about how to showcase a presentation in front of the panels. The problem was genuine until a time when video formats and multi-utility mobile gadgets came into the market. This article talks about some major benefits of having a presentation convert into video format for increased ease of access and convenience.

Video recorder 447x324 Benefits of Converting Presentation in Video Format

1.    No worries about power point not computer

If a presentation is in a video format, it can well exist on phone or a tablet. One would never have to worry about having a compulsory computer and power point to present it in front of the panel. Even if at times one has to send a presentation, then the other person should have access to a computer to check it. To avoid these limitations, videos are of great help. The content would be presented in a more animated and enhanced fashion thereby having a greater possibility of creating an impact. Read the rest of this entry »

Mobile app development: Important factors to consider

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With time, the mobile phone applications have become very popular as now phones are not just being used for making calls but for many other things. Now people use them for listening songs, watching videos, road navigation, messaging, chatting, etc. All these things have become possible with the help of mobile app development services. Different types of apps for both personal and business use are designed by considering the demands of people in the market.

Unique and innovative applications help in creating more demands of Smartphone in the market. Everyone likes to use them for their unlimited features; one can download these apps as per the need and choice. A wide variety of applications are available in the mobile market now days, they are categorized on the basis of age, location, etc. One can easily search for them as per the need and requirements from the application store. Some of them are available for free and some can be downloaded after paying a particular amount of fee. Read the rest of this entry »

Handle Your Business Operations in Real Time

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When you’re busy running a business, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with new developments in technology.  You may still be stuck using outdated strategies and programs that are no longer viable in the marketplace; that’s why it’s important to keep informed about the programs that can make your business more cost-efficient and productive.  Communications with your employees and your client base is the key to operating a successful business.  In today’s competitive market, you need to be connected to the digital world so you can leverage your business critical systems and couple them with a seamless cloud solution that makes your company integrated, intuitive, and instant.  You’ll improve your customer service and the amount of job-satisfaction that your employees experience on a daily basis.

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Work without Barriers

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Importance of mobile application development

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The use of mobile phone has now freed the people from the use of computers. Today no longer you need to switch on and off your PC for petty uses. All you have to do is to just reach your pocket and use the smart phone. With mobile application development today you can do everything that is possible with computers. In short, mobile is no longer just use for calling it can be used for various purposes. With time its uses are increasing along with the development of technologies. With the use of cellular device you can now avail every information that you want.

mobile phone Importance of mobile application development

Advantages of mobile application development
Nowadays mobile phones are used by police officers and organizations to schedule their events track devices, receiving mails and texting of messages. Advanced features like calendars, video shooting, editing and other applications are also available. Many business centers benefits by using several mobile applications. The world of technical landscape and information is now changed completely with the help of computing devices. With the ongoing passage of time the developers for mobile phones are working tirelessly to increase the amount of features and flexibility for the users. The use of applicant development has now made mobile phones even more important and efficient that computers. The use of tablets and smart phones have now replaced the use of personal computers. Mobile application development has changed the meaning of mobile phone today. Today you can locate a place, address, shopping complex or anything easily with the help of mobile applications. It allows people to work at anytime from anywhere. Read the rest of this entry »