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Speed Up and Work Quickly and Efficiently With SSD

Posted by Mike October - 18 - 2012 - Thursday ADD COMMENTS

We’ve all become accustomed to working with computers and laptops that often take their sweet time to execute any command that we ask them to do. Just a couple of decades ago, the processors were slow by comparison to today’s marvels, and that had a lot to do with their inability to react quickly. The gold standard just a decade ago was the Pentium 4, which was a tremendous improvement over what had been offered before. As chip manufacturers began to improve on their designs, they came out with a completely new design architecture, named dual core processors, which actually had two separate processors on the motherboard, as the name implies. This allowed various tasks to be performed simultaneously, routing them to one or both of the processors available. Then, a few years back, the quad core designs were introduced, which as the name implies, doubled once again the available processors to four. Things really started to speed up with these new chips, which are typically what is offered with the latest computers and laptops.

 Speed Up and Work Quickly and Efficiently With SSD

There Still Was a Problem, and That Was the Hard Drive
Until recently, computers all had magnetic hard disk drives. Simply put, these are electromechanical devices, which incorporate a series of magnetic disks, with little read and write heads which etch information onto the discs. The very first computers from 30 years ago didn’t even have this: they worked almost exclusively with floppy drives, which contained very little information and were terribly bothersome to work with. The magnetic hard drive was seen as a tremendous improvement, because everything could be stored inside the computer, and as the years passed, manufacturers were able to build them in such a way so that they could store more information, while at the same time reducing their size. The challenge was that all the information that had been accessed had to be found on various magnetic plates that make up the hard drive, which meant that there was invariably a delay between the user making a request, or issuing a command, and the computer being able to execute it. This is one reason why computers often seem to take eons boot up, as the hard drive has to start from scratch, collect all the various information required to operate the computer, and get it up and running.

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Home Insurance Explained

Posted by AlexC August - 23 - 2012 - Thursday ADD COMMENTS

bnc Home Insurance Explained

When you’re thinking about home insurance, there are two sets of insurance to consider. Firstly there’s cover for the building itself and secondly, cover for the contents – or the belongings that you have inside the home.

You should get buildings insurance quotes are for the insurance that protects your house in case of damaged by fire or flood or by a third party. It covers you for any damage that is beyond your control. Anyone with a mortgage is obliged to take out buildings insurance as this is the collateral or security for the mortgage company. If your house were to be damaged or destroyed, the buildings insurance allows the mortgage company to recover its losses.

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