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Change currency online

Posted by AlexC October - 25 - 2012 - Thursday ADD COMMENTS

It used to be a headache whenever you had to change money from one currency to another, necessitating a trip down to the bank or a call to a foreign exchange broker to do the trade for you.

However, with the arrival of websites like it’s all got a lot easier, quicker and cheaper too. Now, anyone with a HiFX account can carry out an international money transfer at any time from the comfort of their own home – or the office. Anywhere, in fact, where you have an internet connection.

HiFX trades currencies around the world for its customers – moving over £9 billion a year. The large turnover means that HiFX can pass on better rates to its customers, who can move anything between £50 and £300,000 a day.

It’s ideal for small and medium sized businesses, but also great for individuals who need to move money from one currency to another. And if you have regular payments to make, then these can be set up easily from your HiFX account pages.

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Arranging Currency Transfers For Business

Posted by AlexC August - 1 - 2012 - Wednesday ADD COMMENTS

The need to move money internationally is a daily requirement for some businesses today. With the amount of business that is carried out online the number of orders from and to businesses in other countries has multiplied.

3 Arranging Currency Transfers For Business

Not so long ago, in order to arrange an international money transfer, you had to go down to the bank’s foreign exchange counter or call up a currency broker to get the transaction carried out on your behalf. Now though, you can set it all up from anywhere that you have internet access  thanks to companies like HiFX.

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Let Go Off All Your Worries With Mobile Phone Insurance

Posted by Mike June - 6 - 2012 - Wednesday ADD COMMENTS

Mobile phones were initially considered to be a luxury, but today it has become a necessity for people around the world. It is the most reliable and easiest mode of communication, where one can remain in contact with other as and when required. The positive side of excessive use of mobile phones is that it has made the world a compact place to live in. Many of us can’t even think of our lives without cell phones. This handy device plays an important role in our daily life for a simple fact,  that the software’s installed in these devices help us to store all the important data and information that we can carry and access anywhere on the go. .

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Photo: Johan Larsson

Now, what would happen if your mobile phone gets damaged, stolen or lost. With the advancement in technology people have started spending lots of money to buy smartphone and business phones. Obviously, the cost of repair and maintenance also increases simultaneously, and the situation gets worse when your mobile phone gets stolen or lost. Many companies have taken the initiative to provide insurance for mobile  to protect you from the hassle of spending money on repair and suffering from the loss of theft. Read the rest of this entry »