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The Best Full Option Mobile Phone Today

Posted by Admin May - 7 - 2013 - Tuesday ADD COMMENTS

The Galaxy S4 from the number 1 South Korean Android phone maker, Samsung, is now being released worldwide as millions of consumers trooped to dealers just to be the first one to get hold of the latest high-tech gadget in the market today.

Samsung Galaxy S4 447x318 The Best Full Option Mobile Phone Today

It is now the right time to gauge whether the anticipation that the world felt right after it was announced by Samsung’s mobile boss, J.K. Shin, a few months back is really worth it. Did it really change the mobile landscape? Read the rest of this entry »

What is the New Android 4.1 Jelly Bean?

Posted by Admin July - 7 - 2012 - Saturday ADD COMMENTS

The Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is the latest Google’s hugely popular mobile operating system with the Ice Cream Sandwich or Android 4.0 as its precursor. This is lauded as the first version of Android designed for both smartphones and tablets. The Jelly Bean is expected to bring some incremental changes being the first version of Android that was truly beautiful to look at and fun to use, according to those who first tested the software.

android41 What is the New Android 4.1 Jelly Bean?

The Jelly Bean is the most refined version of the OS to hit the market, with its increased responsiveness, and predictive technologies. The new software is also faster than the Ice Cream Sandwich and Google has named its performance as ‘Project Butter.’ To keep the frame rates up with the Android UI, graphics are now triple buffered to make things super-fluid, CPU and graphics can now run in parallel, and run at 60 fps to make it easy to the eyes. It also includes Google Now and search based on a series of cards instead of the tabs in Chrome for Android, as well as notifications and widgets, keyboard and voice recognition, and sharing and pictures.

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Why People are Shying Away from iPhone

Posted by Admin July - 5 - 2012 - Thursday ADD COMMENTS

Smartphone users are now shifting from being iPhone users in favor of smarter phones that come at a smarter price. With other smartphones, they are beginning to enjoy once again their mobile experience. While iPhone offers so many apps for just about anything, you will never get to know the Android phone until you use one, and that is when you will see how far you can push your mobile experience.

Android vs iPhone Comparison Why People are Shying Away from iPhone

iPhone may be fast and reliable, but is it flexible and stable? iPhone still works using 3G where so many smartphones are now using 4G for 10x faster downloading. You can argue that iPhone and other smartphones today have the same memory storage and rear camera capability, but the latter lost when it comes to pricing, so why pay more for the same features.

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Samsung Galaxy S III: Designed for Humans

Posted by Admin May - 8 - 2012 - Tuesday ADD COMMENTS

Samsung recently unveiled at an event in London, the new Android 4 smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S III. Available in two color options, marble white and pebble blue, this is the official device of the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Samsung Galaxy S 447x293 Samsung Galaxy S III: Designed for Humans

The new Samsung Galaxy S III comes with numerous software features and hardware accessories that include Smart Stay where the screen remains on while the user looks at the screen, or otherwise, sleeps. It has Direct Call, which allows you to call a person whose text message is currently on screen by raising the phone to your ear. Read the rest of this entry »

Sony Mobile Communications unleashed the next generation of smartphones with the Sony Xperia S holding the banner. The Xperia S comes with a wide catalog of new features, such as the NFC technology, as well as dual HD cameras and 32 GB internal storage. While the Xperia S HD smartphone is now shipping to markets across the globe, with the first sales happening in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress, Sony is unveiling the latest addition to the Xperia NXT Series with the new Xperia P and Xperia U. These units will be available to consumers globally, in the second quarter of the year.

What is the difference between the Xperia NXT Series? Xperia P sports an aluminum unibody design using the WhiteMagic display technology, which promises the brightest viewing experience. The screen brightness is automatically adjusted to conserve battery life and it gets the new SmartDock that offers connectivity to multiple screens to turn your phone into an entertainment hub for the living room. The Xperia U, meanwhile, boasts xLoud and Sony 3D surround sound audio technology integrated into the music player.

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