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Best Google Android Applications For Drivers

Google seems to be the best thing that happened in this century, everything you think and wish to do Google is always there to provide you with a solution.

This is evident to popular usage by millions of users globally, and drivers are not exceptional.

Google map application Best Google Android Applications For Drivers

Google Play store has adopted Google android applications that assist drivers to maintain security and safety on the roads.

Here are Best Google android applications for drivers.

Greatest Driver

The name is not that appealing but the services provided by this application surpass the name of the android application.

Very great application to have in your android phone and tab where you can drive to places you are not familiar with,

To be able to navigate you just need to search for the roads nearby and the app will highlight and show you the reviews.


Trapster is one useful android application that is necessary for all the drivers, it is very convenient, easy to download and comes with less or no advertising pop ups,

The size of the application does not matter, with the application you will be able to find any road you will want to use, and at the same time telling you the speed limit of your car.

One unique feature of Trapster is the ability to indicate the speed limit of any road and even alert you of the traffic police ahead.


If you love to check the condition of your car and maintain the standard speed of your car then Torque is the Google android application for your car.

This application gives you the basics about the speed limits but also technical stuff about your car’s condition,

Works best on android tabs because of so many gauge indication including mobile speed camera, speed check over long distance travel and indicate the average speed you are using.


Spotify has nothing to do with direction but is one of the Google application you will fall in love with, if compatible with your phone or tab model then you will not have to adjust the cars radio every time.

You are most likely to avoid accident while changing to different station and music.

Best feature of spotify is that you can synchronize with you inbuilt car Bluetooth or the car system and play your music directly from your phone and make phone calls using your Bluetooth earpieces.

Google Map

Google Map is the easiest and most affordable Google android application because the application comes already synced with your operating system,

The difference between Google maps and other application for the drivers is that it can be used anywhere in world, while other applications may fail to work on other region the Google map works everywhere.

Google map not only gives you the direction, the application has the ability to give you the landmarks, nearest hotels and the calculated distance to your destination,

The application is able to work with the satellite to give you the vivid aerial view of your destination.


Waze is a rare Google android application that if properly utilized can be one of the useful applications in your phone or tab.

Waze is a real time application that gives GPS direction and uses users’ information to generate clear information hazards, traps, traffic and up to date reroute based on the traffic conditions of your area.

Book your official Driving Theory Test online through the Vehicle Standard agency and official government website for safe driving.


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