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Best customization techniques for Android based Smart Phones

Posted by Admin November - 20 - 2013 - Wednesday

As the number of Android based smart phones is increasing with each passing day there is a constant need shown my many users about customizing their smart phone in a best way.

Android based Smart Phones 447x335 Best customization techniques for Android based Smart Phones

The best thing about android based devices is that they can be personalized and customized in a way that no other mobile device can. This could be the possible reason why so many mobile software developers are giving preference to Android based devices.

Here are some best customization techniques for Android based smart phones.

Best Customization techniques for Android based Smart Phones

  • When we talk about functionality and appearance there are many beautiful and excellent ways to personalize your Android based device.
  • Editing the looks and appearance of your android based phone can be a thrilling and fun experience as there are many different fonts and themes that are available.
  • You can utilize the home screen fun to the maximum as this helps you to set your favorite photograph on the main screen.
  • There are many different and unique icons to choose from and you can change these icons as per your likings for your themes. The most popular icons are angry birds and star wars based icons.
  • There are many different types of widgets that you can utilize and create a shortcut for the same on the main screen. Some common examples of these widgets are weather or GPS. It is very easy to download such widgets from the Google Play store and you can install them for your use.

How to avoid problems while customizing or applying themes?

  • There are times when you buy a brand new android based smart phone and you do not install a good antivirus. This should be avoided and immediately install a good mobile antivirus from the Google Play store so that your smart phone stays safe and secure.
  • There are many antivirus applications that are available on Google Play store and most of them are free and are very effective in keeping your favorite smart phone completely safe and secure from external threats and harmful virus.
  • Moreover it is always good to regularly update the applications that you have installed in your smart phone. By doing this your mobile becomes more fast and you are in a better situation to make full use of the applications that you have in your smart phone.

Some more interesting applications and customizations

  • This modification application called as CyanogenMod has various benefits such as gesture enabled locking and unlocking and moreover you can support theme extensions also with this application.
  • You can also install the DialR application from Google Play Store and it helps you to improve the functionality and overall design and you can also make your android based phone to perform as a unique rotary phone.

With all these techniques one can make his or her Android based smart phone into a very beautiful looking gadget and can do many beautiful things.

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