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An easier way to get help using Slack

The global village in which we live has always strived for better collaboration among its diverse natives, and slack is its newest sensation.


Over the time, we have seen many communication networks come and go. From Team viewer, Guru and much more, and we thought we’d seen them all.  Slack is here to challenge them all!

Slack! The fastest growing workplace software

Slack, a cloud-based tool used by the company, Tiny Speck, for their internal collaboration has been around since 2013, and became very popular in the year 2014. By 2015, according to Wikipedia, “it has passed more than a million daily active users”. Financial Times also reported that Slack had surpassed Microsoft Office and Blackberry in its tow.

Slack daily active users

Once an IRC-supported platform, it still has many features like chat rooms organized according to the topic of discussion bringing up the nostalgia.

A Centralized place to communicate

The main advantage of slack is providing a common place for communication within an organization. The number of users is unlimited with a high threshold of around 8500 users per channel. There are various premium options to increase that limit as well.  Individuals, groups, or communities can be invited to join a team by the team administrators.

After the invitation has been accepted, the teams can communicate with each other in an open space.  Anyone can view the discussion and join in, for their particular reasons.  Private channels can also be set up for smaller teams working on a particular project.  The option of direct messaging is also available, making it all inclusive.

Advantages of Slack

Slack has a lot of features to offer.  It offers services for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  It’s available as an app for mobile, iOS, and Windows phone alike.

No doubt, it’s at the heart of web services like Flickr.

Integration is another big advantage with Slack.  Slack offers integration with many third-party services and communities that we use daily.  For example, Drop box, Heroku, Github, Trello, and Google Drive to name just a few.  There are about 150 integrations in the app directory of Slack at the moment.

I’m sure you had faced many situations when you wanted to recall something buried deep under a pile of many days old information?  Well, Slack search lets you find it in a matter of seconds and top it off with the numerous filters to speed things up.

File sharing and code snippet sharing to get help has never been easier and faster, especially when you have the facility to access it from anywhere on any device.

SlackBot: “At your service!”

If you still think that slack isn’t that impressive, try it out and meet its friendly virtual assistant, SlackBot. SlackBot is always at your service. You can ask all your basic questions, and it will do the hard work of searching all the matching keywords and phrases required to answer your question.

Authors Bio:

Ellie Grace is a technology writer for many years and is keen on the latest technological advancements.  She maintains a blog where articles related to her extensive research and advanced methods of communication and collaboration are available.

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