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6 Amazing Android Home Security Apps

There used to be a time when the best protection for your home was a sturdy lock and a big dog in your backyard. Thanks to the advancement of technology, security has become much “smarter” and it is now easier than ever to afford and install very advanced security features in your home. Moreover, with the emergence of smartphones, we now see home security solutions that can be monitored and controlled by phone. Here are the best home-sec apps for your phone.

Android Security App

  1. Alfred

Alfred is an app that got its name from the Batman movies, after the eponymous butler. And just like Alfred from Batman, this app works for you and keeps your home safe. It is a very simple app that needs no adjusting to and it basically allows you to use an old smartphone as a camera that you can then control with your new phone. It lets you use the old phone for video surveillance and it even comes with motion detecting option.

  1. i-Security

i-Security is another free smartphone app which allows you to be in full control over your home security system via your phone. It can be connected to any network of surveillance cameras and it provides you with a live feed 24/7. It also allows for multiple servers and it can even be used to move the cameras, if they support this option, of course. It supports older versions of Android, starting with Android 2.3.

  1. Vivint

Vivint is an entire line of products that come with an app that is easy to install and which later allows you to control everything from your phone. You can lock and unlock doors, you can control lighting and even small appliances, you can view live video feed from your surveillance cameras and it even allows you to control the thermostat in your home. Of course, as long as you have Vivint products installed.


XFINITY is another comprehensive home-sec system which requires you to become their premium user. With this app, you can access your entire home security system remotely, watch live video or even clips of most important events. You can also set up climate control and lighting with this app, helping you cut down on your bills.

  1. SimpliSafe Security

SimpliSafe Security is one of the most versatile home security systems out there and its app truly gives you full control. With it, you can control and monitor your system anywhere you go, it sends you alerts if someone is moving in your home. It even tracks who enters your home and when. In addition to this, it can tell you who has accessed sensitive areas of your home, such as your safe, your liquor or gun cabinets or your medicine cabinet.

  1. iScentry

iScentry is a very useful app as it can turn your webcam into a home video surveillance system. It will work with most webcams and it will allow you to see what is going on in your home, live. What’s more interesting, you can set this app in such a way so that when the webcams detect motion, they turn on automatically and notify you so you can see what is going on. It is very simple and works great.

Closing word

Of course, these home security apps will work best if you have done everything else to secure your home. We talked to locksmith professionals from Newtown and they told us that your locks need to be updated, that you have high-quality cameras and that you know how to behave. When you do that, you can use these apps to really beef up your home security.

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