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5 way analysis to purchase smart phones in your budgets

Picking out a cell phone can be an agonizing decision. It is not just a phone. It is a camera, a computer, a music player, a navigation unit, video recording unit, a messaging machine and much more. It feels like there is a constant race to get the newest gadgets at all times. Smart phones are the most ubiquitous. So how do you get a good deal on your newest gadget? Here’s how:


  1. Have your priorities in order

Have your priorities in order. There are some things you can compromise on and others you can’t. For example, batteries power will deteriorate as the cell phone gets older and older. If the battery is of poor quality to begin with, it will become into a major nuisance as you continue to use your newest gadget.

A good cell phone carrier is just as important as the cell phone itself. Choose a cell phone company that offers the best package according to your individual needs. Costs are divided into data, text and voice. Pick the one that will be cheapest.

  1. Read reviews

Read reviews from other users if you want to know what it really is like to use certain newest gadgets or cell phone plan. Touch screen, sliding screens, QWERTY boards – you name it. Read other people’s experiences online extensively. Learn from other people’s mistakes and you won’t have to make your own.

Reading about other people’s experiences can also help you to estimate how much money you will pay every month on your cell phone plan. Just by looking at the data from the cell phone carriers it is difficult to make an estimate. That is not by accident! They make it hard for you to make an educated guess. The carriers with the highest quality voice and data services will tend to charge more money. Cheaper companies will tend to charge cheaper rates.

Some wireless telephone carriers will offer smart phones at a much lower price as long as you stay on their plan for two years. This price is much lower than the retail price, but they benefit from keeping you as a customer for two years.

  1. Buy a used phone

The other alternative is to buy a used phone off eBay. Used phones are obviously much cheaper than new phones. Android is by far the most popular operating system for smart phones. Android offers a lot more versatility. The other alternatives are iOS and Windows among others. iPhones can be used with a variety of accessories.

Blackberries are nowhere near as popular as they once were. There are still many diehard fans, but they are clearly on their way out. These phones are nowhere near to being a lifestyle news today, as they were once.

Bigger screen sizes are excellent for people with eye strain. Smaller screen sizes are better for people who want a smaller, more compact design – one that fits snugly in their hands.

Consider the resale value if you want to use your cell phone for a shorter period. Some people tend to keep a phone for years and years. Other people will use a phone for a short time before buying another one. If you are not the type to use a phone for years and years, consider the resale value before buying. iPhones have an excellent resale value.

  1. Better brands have series that are not hat costly

Samsung Galaxy series offers some good smart phones at an affordable price. The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime is considered one of the best budget phones available. There is always a compromise with budget smart phones. Having your priorities in order means that you make compromises you can live with.

The Telephone M2, Alcatel, Huawei, HTC and the Motorola are also budget phones. Budget phones can often offer a really good deal as demonstrated by the newest gadgets. But there are compromises to be made. For example, the screen can be a lot more fragile than that of sturdier models. A cheap smart phone does not necessarily have to deliver a cheap smart phone experience.

  1. Try with cheaper brands

Not all cheap smart phones are awful; although truthfully some are. Do your research and you can end up with a budget smart phone that you will not regret buying. With the release of the Nexus 4, Google ably demonstrated the real possibility that a phone can be both cheap and good.


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