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2014: The Year of Quad-Core Android Phones

Posted by Admin January - 8 - 2014 - Wednesday

Through recent years, we’ve seen the rise and evolution of smartphones. Companies rolled out smartphones that seemed ‘smarter’ than the last one, in a seemingly endless game of catch-up.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 447x298 2014: The Year of Quad Core Android Phones

We now have smartphones that are bigger, or lighter or have clearer screens or better camera pixels. These are units that work faster, better, and longer. Phone companies continue to outdo themselves and this year isn’t any different.

Take a look at quad-core phones and you’ll understand how far these companies have gone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

If you’re looking for a longer-lasting battery life of 3200mAh, and a phone bigger than those puny units you see on the market, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is for you. With its 5.7 super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display, you’ll surely enjoy playing games and watching videos. It has a 1.9 GHz octaCore processor that makes it faster for a 32GB storage—one that’s expandable to 64GB. Its 13MP rear camera, along with its 2MP front camera, will make you take all the selfies you ever thought to take. If you want a mobile phone bigger than usual, one that works like a tablet and phone in one, then this unit is perfect for you.

HTC One Max

If you like the HTC One, you’ll probably be thrilled with the HTV One Max. With this unit, you’ll be able to maximise the 5.9 inch full HD much, much longer. Its rear camera can accommodate 4 Ultrapixels and 2.1Mp for the front camera. That makes the HTC One Max a bigger, and faster phone—one that comes with a longer battery life—than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Sony Xperia Z1

If you’re a demanding user, the 5-inch, scratch-resistant LCD screen of Sony Xperia Z1 will definitely suit you. This Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean has a full HD resolution of 16 million colour depth, with a really detailed 20.7MP for its rear camera, and comes with full HD recording capabilities sure to put quite the impression on you. It can store 16GB-worth of memories, apps, and other files and is expandable up to 64GB. Ideal for those who love their units capable and sturdy.

Google LG Nexus 4 447x298 2014: The Year of Quad Core Android Phones

Google LG Nexus 4

This phone has the latest, at the time of this writing, Android 4.4 Kitkat update. So, if you want a mobile phone that works fast, comes with a 4.95 inch of Full HD display and an 8MP-rear camera—and don’t mind a battery life that’s a tad bit shorter than some of the units on this list—then try this unit out.

Sony Xperia C

If you’re a happy texter-and-caller and just need a phone to do that, Sony Xperia C is the better choice for you. This Dual-Phone-SIM can unit lets you use two SIMs at the same time. So, you don’t need to switch SIMs every time you need to check on your messages or call from one number. Enjoy the sheer convenience of receiving voice calls and SMS from both SIMs all at the same time. This Android 4.2 Jelly Bean has 8MP camera and a 0.3 front camera digestible in its 32GB storage—with this one being expandable to 64GB. Just like Google LG Nexus 4, it has a shorter battery life-span, given its 2390mAH battery.

So if you’re set on getting a quad-core unit this year, just pick your top choice off our list! Be careful, though, not to spend too much on your mobile phone. Unless you have heaps and piles of money to burn, it’ll be a waste to buy a unit that costs an arm and a leg when you know that model is just going to be replaced with a shiny, new unit any time soon—probably in just the next six months or so.

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