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10 Best Chatbot Platforms in 2017

Ever since Facebook Messenger allowed bot development on its platform in April 2016, the use of chatbots that answer yes or no questions to hyper intelligent bots that communicate naturally, the number of options for platforms on which to build your chatbot.

People Chatting


Chattypeople is one of the most popular chatbot platforms on the web since it is one of the best chatbot platforms on Facebook that includes integrated Facebook commerce. Small businesses can create great chatbots without paying since no coding experience is required thus no paying of developers.


This is a Facebook Messenger Bot that connects Jewish people looking for relationships. By using matchmaking algorithms similar to those in the Dil Mil app, Shalom promises to predict compatibility between Jewish users on Facebook Messenger’s easy to use format.


It does a great job of promoting flexibility as a platform. It allows users to create fully automated bots, platforms for real people to interact with customers and nearly everything in between, the platform cultivates the ability to customize your bot to do, and say, exactly what you want.


This is a popular chatbot, capitalized on the effectiveness of natural language and personality in their product. Poncho has grown increasingly popular among millennials as a fun tool to get weather updates and laughs as it gets to tap into pop culture.


This is an open source chatbot toolkit that helps developers create bots for several different platforms. One major selling point is the potential to create intelligent bots that mimic the way people hold conversations.


This is another platform that does not require users to have coding experience. It is extremely simple, and the user interface is clean and easy to understand. It is however not yet open to third-party plugins which would have allowed users to contribute their own and use others to maximize the bot’s effectiveness.


The flexibility of Meokay is one of its major draws for developers and non-developers alike. Meokay offers strong support for those inexperienced in coding and other tools. For those more independent users who want to be able to customize and tweak bots as necessary, the platform allows deeper customization capabilities.


Recast is a masterpiece in simplicity. The platform focuses on creating one, high quality chatbot instead of encouraging users to make several for different functions. It can also be used across several major communication platforms.

Charity: Water & Lokai

This is a strong example of the effectiveness of programming a chatbot to use natural language and multiple platforms to its advantage. Yeshi is a chatbot posing as a young Ethiopian girl with limited access to clean water. By focusing on storytelling and geolocation, Yeshi’s developers created a chatbot in which people could emotionally invest.

Boasting simplicity and user-friendliness as its main selling point, allows for easy human agent involvement and clear analytics. Creating a chatbot only takes three relatively easy steps; launching a bot across multiple platforms is simple and fast, and its natural language processing allows for bots that can simulate natural conversation with potential customers.

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